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Meet the Parents

Moms and Dads

  • Brie is a small red goldendoodle and the daughter of Ivy.  She lives with a guardian family. Her breed mix is 50% standard poodle, 39% small poodle, and 11% golden retriever. Her height is 18.5 inches at the withers.  Adult weight 36 lbs. She has a clear Embark genetic panel.  Normal eye exam 09/30/2020.  Hip and elbow xrays, & cardiac exam were completed 1/18/2021. 

  • Dory is a female mini-medium sized parti pattern goldendoodle. She is the daughter of Stella, and granddaughter of Willow. Her weight is 38 lb. CAER eye clearance was done 2/16/2022. PennHip scores (Right 0.46 and Left 0.45). OFA hips and elbows completed 11/07/22.  She lives in a guardian home. 

  • Hank is a male mini-medium sized parti pattern goldendoodle. He weighs 38 lb. His genetic panel has been completed and is clear. CAER eye clearance completed 2/16/2022.  PennHip scores (Right 0.40 and Left 0.37). OFA hips and elbows completed. Hank has a larger percentage of poodle in him and has a curly non shedding coat. He lives in a guardian home. 

  • Truffle is a small sized female black goldendoodle. She is 19.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs 29 lb.  We plan to officially add to our breeding program in 2022.  Eye certification was completed 4/24/2021.  Genetics and PennHiP (Right DI 0.48, Left DI 0.39) have also been completed. She is 25% small poodle,  60% standard poodle, and 15% golden retriever. She lives in a guardian home. 

  • Willow F1b female goldendoodle (retired)

  • Apollo  Male multigen goldendoodle (retired)

  • Ivy Female Standard Poodle (retired)

  • Stella Female goldendoodle (retired  guardian)

  • Millie Female goldendoodle (retired guardian)

  • To add genetic variety to our doodles, we also use stud dogs from other breeders who adhere to the same quality standards in their dogs that we do. 


Willow  Apollo  Ivy   

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