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Wisconsin Doodle Dog

Caring for your puppy

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Grooming Necessities

       Goldendoodle coats are not low maintenance. They require routine line brushing and combing all the way down to the skin every couple days.  Start getting your doodle used to brushing very soon after you bring him or her home. Don't forget to brush ALL parts, especially behind ears and in the creases under their legs. 

       A visit to the grooming shop should occur every 8 weeks. A typical doodle groom in our area costs on average $70-$80. Optionally, you can learn to clip your dog at home if you are feeling ambitious. Matting is common and if you do not keep up with the brushing it is likely the doodle will need to be shaved down. Grooming a freshly washed doodle is best, but make sure to fully brush out your dog before bathing so as to avoid further tightening of any existing mats  Basic tools you should have include:

  •  puppy shampoo
  •  slicker style pin brush
  •  metal comb
  •  detangling lotion or corn starch

       Some doodles also require more diligent ear care to avoid infection, and can also benefit from having their teeth brushed. Talk to your vet about appropriate preventative care for ears and teeth. 

       Always keep a blood clotting agent on hand if you plan to trim toenails yourself.

What do I need when I bring home my

new puppy? 

  • We recommend reading "The Puppy Primer" by Patricia McConnell & Brenda Scidmore

  • Crate. 36-42 inch metal with dividing wall (so crate can grow with your puppy). A crate with 2 doors allows for easier positioning in most rooms. 

  • Dog bed. Don't spend much as puppy may chew on it. We will be including a mom-scented blanket.

  • Food & Water Bowls

       Stainless steel or ceramic

  • Follow up vet visit

      Second set of shots will be due       when puppy is  between 10-12 weeks of age. 

The items below will be sent home with your puppy

  • Grooming tools. Comb and brush come with puppy

  • Collar. 10-14 inch is usually appropriate

  • Leash. 4-6 ft. Prefer no retractable as they can be dangerous

  • Dry dog food.  We are currently feeding our puppies Fromm Gold Puppy (bright pink bag) but do rotational feeding of different kinds of food as they mature. 

  • Pet health insurance policies are a great idea. A free 30 day policy is included.  

A list of our favorite things!

Chew products and toys

Bully sticks

Raw beef shank bones


Kong Brand products

Treat dispensing toys

Puppy Food

Fromm Gold Puppy Dry Food


PetAg Fresh 'N Clean Original Scented Shampoo


Curved Back Slicker Brush

  • Chris Christensen (excellent quality)

  • Master Paws Slicker Brush (good beginner brush)


Andis Steel 7 1/2 inch comb or equivalent style


Andis AGC2 2- Speed Professional

Training Treat

Little Jacs Chicken Liver Treats

or other small, chewy Amercian made treat.

Topical Flea and Tick

K9 Advantix II

Sleep Aid

Stuffed Puppy with heartbeat and heat pack (ie: "Snuggle Puppy")



Many doodles love chewing on socks, underwear, and other personal garments. Keep these away from your puppy. If offering rope style toys be sure the strings are not fraying. All of these items can cause a stomach obstruction if swallowed. 

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