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Is a Goldendoodle the Right Breed for Me? 

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Perhaps you have already done some research on goldendoodles, or maybe you talked to a neighbor who has one, but how do you know if a goldendoodle is truly a good match for you? We have incorporated breed specific comments from many of our previous puppy families. We asked what details they thought would be helpful for people to know before they decide to bring a goldendoodle home. Enjoy some real "doodle experiences" below (and don't forget to read all about grooming on the doodle care tips page).

Wisconsin Doodle Dog

Activity Level

Goldendoodles love to play, do agility, and can be trained as hunting dogs. They need to be provided with ways to keep their brains and body active. They are not a "hyper" breed but can get bored or anxious when left alone for long periods of time. They also greatly enjoy napping with their humans, and some even like to watch TV.  



Sweet, affectionate, and loving. They thrive on the company of their people and need human attention. They do not make good outside-only dogs. Frequently doodles are perceived as "a person in a furry suit" because they seem to be able to read the minds & emotions of people. Easily trained and are eager to please.  

Living Arrangements

Need some room to stretch their legs. Fenced yards (physical, underground, or wireless) are the best option and we generally don't suggest using a tie out.  May not be the ideal dog for apartment living, but can be done if their family is devoted to frequent walks, play time, and has a plan for possible barking. Busy people who live alone + work full time will likely need to hire some help or use a doggy daycare.  The doodle who gets to live with another dog will be especially happy. 

Food Habits

Love a good meal and treats. This is a very helpful motivational tool for training, but can also lead to overeating and a desire to sneak food from countertops or garbage cans when their person isn't looking.



Early socialization is key. Some might be a little shy with the initial introduction, but once they formally meet someone they will be a friend for life. Fabulous dogs that get along well with other animals and people of all ages 0-100. They are commonly used in a therapy setting and can also be good service dogs. Don't be surprised if your doodle wants to follow you EVERYWHERE.....including the bathroom!

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Never do anything wrong. Always perfect angels...... KIDDING!

Puppies use their teeth a lot for the first few months. This can hurt tender skin. Love to steal shoes, clothing articles, and toilet paper. They may also eat these items so need to keep them out of reach. Some enjoy digging in the yard when left to their own discretion. Completely dissecting their stuffed toys is a common habit, but thankfully most goldendoodles aren't heavy chewers nor do they tend to otherwise be destructive. Bored doodles are more likely to be mischief makers. 

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