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Wisconsin Doodle Dog


If you are interested in a puppy from our next litter, please read below. 

Typical Reservation Process:

Step 1.  To be placed on our puppy list, we will ask you to complete an application. After we review your information we will contact you for a phone interview. Keep in mind the best time to bring home a new puppy is when you are in a stable living environment, have confirmed dog-friendly housing, & can budget plenty of distraction-free time for puppy training. Puppies are an INCREDIBLE amount of work. They are rambunctious, noisy, make messes, and will drastically alter your free time, sleep, & work schedule. Be sure you are ready!

Step 2. Once approved for a puppy via interview, we require a $450 non refundable reservation fee to hold your spot until take home day. The fee is paid through a secure payment platform and is deducted from the total price of the puppy.

Step 3. If you are on the reservation list and your name comes up but you choose to defer getting a puppy, you can remain on the list for future litters for up to 2 years. All subsequent names added for the next litter will be placed underneath the names of those who deferred a puppy. 

Step 4.  If you do not claim a puppy within 2 years of being on our list, your reservation fee is forfeited and your name falls off the list.

Note: On average we have two litters per year. 

***Important details***

- The reservation fees are non refundable in any case. 

-We will add names to the bottom of the list as spots open up. Typically this will be in preparation for the next litter.  We do not place more than 8 names on a list for each litter. 

-We do not have separate lists for size, color, coat quality, or gender. It is simply too much to sort out so many individual preferences. When your name comes up you will be aware of what the puppy options may be and can decide at that time if you want to proceed or wait for the next litter. 

-Breeder reserves the right to maintain first and second pick of any litter. Breeder also reserves the right to decline a puppy sale to any one at any time at breeder's discretion. 

Puppy Visits

      For reasons of health and safety we are unable to offer in person puppy visits until it is time for them to go home. We completely respect your desire and concern to see the puppies before you fully commit, and we will do our best to accommodate you through a video visit if desired. We are fully aware that there are many puppy scams and dishonest breeders around. Please know that our puppies are born and cared for in the family room of our home.  We are not a kennel, nor do we have "facilities" to tour. We routinely post many pictures and videos on facebook so families can feel comfortable with how our puppies are raised. You will find an active community of our previous puppy families on our facebook page as well. 

Bring Your Puppy Home!

          We welcome families to to choose their specific puppy when the litter reaches 8 weeks of age & after the pups have had their first vaccinations. Puppy selection goes in order of deposit, and you then get to take home your new puppy on the same day. We would welcome the opportunity to guide you in choosing the puppy with the personality that closest matches your family. The balance of purchase price is due when puppy goes to his/her new home.  Please note, we can only accept cash payment on take home day. 

Your new puppy:

  • Is raised in-home under the guidance of the "Puppy Culture" early neurological stimulation program for the first 4 weeks of the pup's life.

  • Will have both indoor and outdoor play time and be supplied with both mental and physical stimulation through a variety of sights, sounds, and textures. 

  • Will be exposed to our adult dogs and socialized with a variety of different people. 

  • Will require you to house, crate, & obedience train. Although we start puppies on the basic principles, most of the work will need to be done by you once you bring home your new puppy. 

  • Will have frequent photos posted on our Facebook page for you to watch them grow starting from the day he or she is born.

  • Has a puppy health check & initial vaccinations completed by veterinarian. Hard copy records are provided on take home day.

  • Will be sent home with a negative fecal test and implanted microchip. 

  • Will not have dew claws removed. Doodles need their "thumbs"!

  • Includes a "Welcome Home" supply pack to help ease adjustment to new surroundings. Your puppy goes home with:




-Slicker Brush

-Metal Comb

-1.5 lbs of food

-Mom-Scented Blanket

  • Will be sold on a spay/neuter contract. A significant fee is imposed if documentation is not provided by time your pup is 14 months old. 



Are You Ready To Be a Puppy Parent?

Goldendoodle Generations

Need assistance understanding the genetics behind your goldendoodle? Below are the most commonly described filial labels but keep in mind that the way genes come together can vary, even within the same litter. The only way to know for sure what the precise percentage mix of poodle versus golden retriever is in each puppy is to complete individual genetic testing.

  • Golden Retriever +   Poodle=  F1 goldendoodle

  • F1 Goldendoodle +   Poodle=  F1b goldendoodle 

  • F1b Goldendoodle + Poodle= F1bb goldendoodle

  • Multigenerational goldendoodle is a third generation breeding using the above combinations.


The foundation of our breeding program begins with well tempered, gentle dogs with who subsequently will pass these positive traits on to their puppies. We look for proper structure in each of our doodle moms and dads. Genetic testing is completed to help us determine how to best match up a breeding pair, with the goal to also produce puppies who sport beautiful looking coats. When we know each parent dog's genetic background, we can then predict both the color and the qualities of the resulting puppy coats.


Goldendoodles commonly have a fleece-like, wavy, or curly coat.  The amount of hair on the face (called "furnishings") can also be predicted through genetic testing. All doodles undergo a coat change as they mature. The vivid color of the puppy may lighten over the first 1-2 years. Deep red puppies will commonly fade to a beautiful apricot color as they age. White markings can lose their prominence as the hair gets longer. Curls also tend to become more apparent as the puppy grows.


We can never guarantee a goldendoodle will be "hypoallergenic" or completely shed-free, and they do require a significant amount of grooming. As a general rule of thumb, the goldendoodles with a larger concentration of poodle seem to shed less. Goldendoodles are an ideal dog for people with allergies. 



How much does a puppy cost? 

We offer a well bred, high quality puppy from health tested parents at an affordable price. 

Note: Puppies that come from parents without health testing commonly translate into big $$ for health problems later on.  

Current Puppy Price is $1950

Individual puppy choice goes in order of the date each deposit is received. 

Our puppies are multi-generational, which means goldendoodle bred to goldendoodle. They have a higher concentration of poodle in them which typically results in a very low shed and allergy friendly dog.

Important: No dog is completely hypoallergenic.

The estimated mature weight for our upcoming puppies is between 35-40 pounds.

No breeding rights are sold with our puppies.

Spay/ neuter contract required and enforced.

Rarely we may have an older dog or puppy available for adoption, but we do not re-home our own dogs when they retire from breeding. They remain part of our (or their guardian's) family forever. 

How Do I Get a Puppy?

We strongly believe no dog should end up in a shelter/rescue situation. All of our goldendoodle puppies are sold with the expectation that we will be contacted to assist in re-homing if a family determines they can no longer keep their dog, due to a long term & unexpected crisis.


Guardian Program

Becoming a guardian home is an exceptional opportunity for a qualifying family to permanently adopt one of our puppies at little to no charge, in exchange for assisting us with our breeding program. OUR GUARDIAN PROGRAM IS CURRENTLY AT MAXIMUM CAPACITY. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR GUARDIAN HOMES AT THIS TIME. 

It's simple! We choose an appropriate puppy & it becomes your lifelong family member, with the agreement that he or she may become a doodle mom or dad for us once the puppy grows up and has passed all the necessary health testing.

We utilize guardian families so that each of our breeding dogs lives as a valued family member in a normal home setting, where they can receive all the love and individual attention they deserve. 

We wish that we could keep all our doodle moms & dads on our own premises, but space unfortunately does not permit. This is a mutually satisfying program for both breeder and the new adoptive family. 


If you are interested in being considered for a guardian home or have other questions, please read below and message us through our web CONTACT page or on facebook. All guardian homes will be placed under a contract which fully explains the expectations of each party.

1.     An approved guardian home will be given a high quality PICK OF THE LITTER puppy we have pre-selected to be their new family member, in exchange for the mutual agreement she may become a doodle mom or dad for us when s/he matures. As this puppy grows over the first two years, health & temperament will be carefully monitored. When we can feel confident that s/he qualifies as an appropriate doodle mom or dad candidate, s/he will be introduced to the mate of our choice. Once mature, if s/he does not turn out to be a good candidate for our breeding program, we will instruct you to spay/neuter and s/he will remain your lifelong pet. 


Females- Females have a heat cycle approximately twice per year and the guardian family will need to be ready to address this when the time arises. When the pregnant female is close to the time of giving birth, she will stay with us through the time her puppies are ready for their new homes. Guardian families have no responsibility to help deliver or care for puppies.  When the female is permanently released from our breeding program (typically after 2 litters), she will be spayed at our cost and continue to live a long & happy life as your family pet. Note: Most commonly we skip a heat cycle between litters. Expect a female to be with us for about 8 weeks when she has each litter. Guardian families are always welcome to schedule a visit!


Males- Males are needed at multiple short opportunities each year when we are preparing for a litter. He likely will not need to stay overnight with us. Families who agree to guardianship of a male need to know that the non-neutered male may not be welcome at a kennel or daycare, so alternative plans need to be in place should the family go out of town. Males are never allowed to breed without our permission. When the services of the male are no longer needed (about 5 years old) he will be neutered at our expense and continue to live a happy life with you!

2.     The guardian family should have prior dog experience and be highly prepared for the many challenges + time needed to raise a well adjusted puppy. Any other dogs who live in the guardian home must be spayed or neutered.  A safe and secure indoor and outdoor environment is imperative. 

3.       Guardian families must live within 60 miles of La Crosse, Wisconsin while the dog is part of our breeding program. Guardianship is not appropriate for a family who thinks they could be moving out of the area within the next few years. 

4.      For the health of our dogs, guardian homes must be smoke free. 

5.     As with any other puppy, the family is expected to complete regular grooming, feed a high quality food, manage all routine vet costs, and attend a basic obedience class. For guardianship, we ask the family to also arrange and pay for a minimum of one year of pet insurance for the dog. With female guardianship, the family is reimbursed $500 once she has her first litter, if the health insurance is maintained past the first year. We cover the costs related to necessary health testing needed for breeding, mating, & raising the pups for their new homes. With males, we offer the family a small financial stipend with each litter sired. Please ask about how specific reimbursement applies to the puppy you are interested in.

6.      Female dogs in our guardian program may also be eligible for up to one week per year of free vacation boarding with us, pending schedule availability. Our goal is to stay in close contact with all our guardian home pups. 

How Does Guardianship Work?

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