Wisconsin Doodle Dog

Specializing in furry faces, wet noses, & puppy breath

Located in Southwest Wisconsin

We breed mild mannered, 

 health tested goldendoodles

as the ideal companion dog.

* Gentle-natured family member

* Suitable for therapy & service work

* Minimal to no shedding

* Intelligent and easily trainable

* Raised in a home environment

* Specializing in quality pups since 2015

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Updated 06/21/2022

Recent News

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The waiting. It is the hardest part. 

We had hoped to have Brie's breeding complete by now but that little stinker is now late for her heat cycle, so we have a lesson in patience. In her defense, this is not an uncommon issue. Since dogs cycle about every 6 months, there can be some give and take on each end of the expected date. 

We will keep you updated here!

Pregnancy is 63 days and puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. Hank is going to be our stud. 

(See our parents page for pictures). 

These babies will have a larger concentration of poodle, resulting in a perfect low-to-no shed, curly haired pup!

Puppies should mature to 30-35 pound average. 


If you are interested in a 2022 puppy, we do have a few openings on our master waiting list. To get on the list you will need to complete an application, then an interview, and also place a non refundable $100 which goes towards the purchase price of $1950. 


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"Wisconsin Doodle Dog of La Crosse"

(web page updated 06/21/22)