Wisconsin Doodle Dog

Specializing in furry faces, wet noses, & puppy breath

Located in Southwest Wisconsin

We breed mild mannered, 

 health tested goldendoodles

as the ideal companion dog.

* Gentle-natured family member

* Suitable for therapy & service work

* Minimal to no shedding

* Intelligent and easily trainable

* Raised in a home environment

* Specializing in quality pups since 2015

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Updated 05/16/2022

Recent News

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Our next breeding for goldendoodle puppies will be coming up soon!

If all goes as planned, both Brie and Truffle should have a heat cycle in May/June. Pregnancy is 63 days and puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. Hank will be the father to both litters.

(See our parents page for pictures). 

These babies will have a larger concentration of poodle, resulting in a perfect low-to-no shed, curly haired pup!

Likely colors: red w/ white markings, apricot, black w/ white markings, or black and white parti pattern.

Puppies should mature to 30-35 pound average. 


If you are interested in a 2022 puppy, we do have a few openings on our master waiting list. To get on the list you will need to complete an application, then an interview, and also place a non refundable $100 which goes towards the purchase price of $1950. 


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"Wisconsin Doodle Dog of La Crosse"

(web page updated 05/16/22)